Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, you have to send a card

Valentine's Day is a bit like the Irish language for the Irish, we love to hate it yet every single one of us would secretly love to speak it fluently. We can hate Valentine's Day and all it stands for but few of us would turn away a bouquet of flowers or a handwritten letter from an admirer.  

Anyway, love it or hate it but woe betide anyone in a relationship who'd risk ignoring the day. Luckily for you, I've come up with a range of cynical, sarcastic and somewhat romantic Valentine cards for every class of relationship. 

We have the following cards for the following scenarios: 

Couples that don't like all the fuss [Happy Feckin' Valentine's]
Couples that don't do the public declarations of love [Public or Private Affection]
Simply still in-love and want to say it [The Formula for Love]
A newbie couple about to celebrate your first Valentine's Day together [First Valentine's Day]
Not yet dating the person of your dreams but are seriously considering letting them know how you feel [Declare a Crush Day]
Just made about your mates and want them to know [You are Loved]

Shipping takes about 2 working days within Ireland, a few more for the U.K., about 5 for the USA and actually up to 2 weeks for Australia so get cracking!

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