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FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
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about trustwordie

We all have smartphones, tablets, computers and readers. We've free wifi and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of friends and followers online. We broadcast the best parts of our day and curate our feelings yet we've never been so disconnected. It's time to stop hiding behind technology and reconnect with the important people in our lives, even the ones that have slipped off our radar. It's never too late to reignite friendships because when you lose people you love, the only regret will be all that lost time. 

Who am I?
My name is Joy and I live in rural Ireland. I've been working in the web/tech industry for years, here is my website for the day job. My CV probably reads like a marketer but I really am an interviewer by trade, I chat to people and then help them to articulate what they want to say so trustwordie isn't a huge departure. When not working, I spend an inordinate amount of time at the beach either open water swimming, bodyboarding or trying to walk out my crazy dog.  I also like to read and sometimes write. 

What's so special about trustwordie?
I like to think of trustwordie as cards for real relationships and actually more than a greeting card but the opening move in a long and lovely conversation, I hope you agree.

Here's a video of me talking about trustwordie.

Who designed trustwordie?
I'm more of a researcher/design thinker so couldn't possibly display or charge for any of my artwork. Mary, my buddy for more than 30 years, a very talented graphic designer put the visual manners on my words.

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I've created this page to answer any other questions you might have.