Time Folks Please.... only New Year Greetings now

Do you remember the publican begging you to leave the pub after spending the night there because they wanted to go home? Maybe they still shout it but I'm such a nerd, I'm never out that late anymore! Anyways, it's too late folks to buy my lovely Christmas cards because they won't get to you in enough time for you to send them on to anyone else. 

All is not lost 

However, the good news is that you can still send my fabulous 'New Year's Irresolute', a card I conceived in recognition of how I bore myself making the same resolutions every year that I never keep. It reads:

Another year and still ... fat, smoking, single, hate job, some other existential angst, smiling, enjoying your company. Happy New Year!

Anyway, it's been going down well and I suppose you have a grace period of a couple of weeks to send Happy New Year cards. I actually received one in the post today from my cousin which was sort of weird but nice. She didn't tick any of the boxes but I did tick a few that I sent, it's all up to you now. 

Also, check out this other blog post if you want to read my rant on NY resolutions.

Last Word

So all there is left to say is I wish you a very Merry Christmas – meet your friends, hug your families, get outdoors, don't fret about presents or beat yourself up about the season's excesses, as we say in Ireland 'F**k it, it's Christmas!'

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