trustwordie talks about love and Valentine's Day on radio


I'm a regular listener to Ciara Kelly's Lunchtime Live radio show on Newstalk. Every so often, the show goes "unscripted" which means the listeners make suggestions about what they want on the show and then come on as the guests. It's talk radio as we do it in Ireland. In my tweet, I asked:

Do people still send anonymous valentine cards or declare their feelings to people they fancy? Or has it just become a commercial couple thing?

Anyway, here a 5-minute clip of me talking all about love and Valentine's Day and how I think it has moved away from the declare your love / secret admirer to a commercialised couples' celebration. 

Move over couples, it's not all about you or just romantic love but surely, can't we make the day to celebrate and declare our love for all our friends and family? 

If you agree with me, then perhaps one of these cards might come in handy.

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