FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
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The 2019 Christmas and New Year cards are now live

Delighted to present the Christmas 2019 collection. This year, I've added four new Christmas card designs and a mega value 10-pack. We have a card for every class of Christmas friend or family - so here goes:

  • Some people have had a bad year either through bereavement or just plain old hard times then Oh Oh Oh and Bah Humbug Bad Ass are the cards for them. 
  • Some people can't stand the holiday season so I'd recommend the regular Bah Humbug or the Christmas Curmudgeon or Ho Feckin Ho
  • Holiday Madness  and Oh Deer Me reflect plain old holiday fun.
  • I could send the Won't Stoop Christmas card to three of my sisters and many of my closest friends. Yeah yeah, the people that never send you a card and every year you think, looking at that list, that you won't send them one but you're just unable to not wish them well. 
  • Not to be entirely cynical, I've thrown in a few nice ones too. Christmas Presence reminds us the best presents can't be bought while Silent Night could be a whisper to a loved one.
  • The Happy New Year card is for anyone like me that seems to be making a list of the same resolutions every year. Ah, so what, we're happy!
  • Then last but not least — the 10-pack — containing a  variety of trustwordie Christmas and New Year cards. 

Pricing - single cards

Cards are €2.50 each or enjoy a 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards. Simply enter 20PERCENTOFF at the checkout and the discount will be applied, don't worry you'll be reminded at checkout. 

Pricing - multipacks

5 of the same cards are €10 

10 pack variety €15

Happy Shopping right here! Ho feckin' ho indeed.



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