FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
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Bumper Pack of Sentiments and Celebrations

I had always planned on having a trustwordie multipack that customers could have at the ready to mark any celebration or circumstance. Now that I've finally expanded the range, I'm delighted to present this 10-pack of trustwordie greeting cards that cover big life events and random sentiments.

Never be stuck for a card to congratulate the bouncy new baby or brand new house. Then, of course, you can never have too many wedding congratulations but alas not all marriages last forever so we have covered separations too. Less jolly but equally important is the need to wish people well in times of illness and grief. 

Sometimes our loved ones amaze us with their dazzling conquests we want to tell them how proud we are [Well Done]. I'm a firm believer in marking birthdays, even the in-between ones - what's wrong with celebrating something7? Giving thanks and letting people know you're simply thinking of them round off the collection. Never be stuck and find yourself buying something naff in the supermarket or garage on your way somewhere. With the trustwordie collection, you'll always have what you need to hand. Even better, with the multipack, you save €1 per card. 

New Baby, New House, Wedding, Separation, Get Well, Condolences, Well Done, Happy Birthday, Thank You and Thinking of You. 
Variations: let us know which wedding and birthday card you'd like in the order notes, otherwise you'll be allocated one at random. 

140 x 140 mm greeting cards printed on heavy recycled paper; 150 x 150 mm recycled, unbleached envelope and 100% biodegradable PLA sleeve.

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