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Black Feckin' Friday, how about Green Friday instead?

This time last year, I wrote a post that explained why I was opting out of the Black Friday Cyber Monday [BFCM] mayhem. Those arguments still hold but these past few days, I've had a change of heart, sort of.

It started out on Twitter, like many things do, when I was tagged in the following tweet:

Then I heard Newstalk's Pat Kenny interview some people inside Kilkenny Design on Nassau Street in Dublin about the "Green Friday" campaign that aims to encourage people to shop locally and support Irish brands and businesses this Christmas. Sorry I was on the road so I didn't catch the beginning so not sure of the people involved. I've used their lovely green woman image above and all credits for this photo goes to them. More about the campaign here

Then today, I saw this 'feck black friday' shot on Instagram from the Finders Keepers store in Waterford and it was the final nudge I needed. They too don't agree with the BFCM mayhem but instead will donate 10% of their takings this Friday to Waterford Hospice. How cool is that? Well Finders Keepers, if you don't' mind, I am going to copy your exact campaign.

10% of all takings to my online store will go in the bucket at my friend Catriona's annual Christmas Tree fundraiser for Bumbleance. She hasn't set a date yet but it's something of a tradition among our crew. If, for any reason, it does not go ahead, I will lodge the donation directly to the charity. 

What about the real green?

Well, you surely must know by now that all my choices are cognizant of their impact on the environment. The paper that is used is 100% chlorine-free pulp from a sustainable and well-managed source. The envelopes and packaging envelopes are made from recycled paper and recycled maps respectively while the sleeves are a plastic alternative and are 100% biodegradable. Everyday is Green Day chez trustwordie.

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