Coronavirus themed greeting card collection

I had mixed feelings about producing a range of greeting cards for the times we're living in because I didn't want to be profiting from a pandemic. But, I received so many requests from friends and customers that I decided to give them a go and I hope they bring a little joy during a very difficult time.

We've 6 cards in total in the collection and here's a little more about them.

I don't know about you but I'm finding this all very overwhelming, particularly when people carry on as if this is in some way normal. I've worked from home most of my life and that part of my life hasn't changed but we're not built for social distancing or to isolate those we love so I'm not going to be told this is the 'new normal' as if it were a snow-in. We're in very difficult times so all we have to do is stay safe and get through it. Mind yourselves.

PS, if you're very skint but still want a few cards, pop me a mail and I'm sure I can sort you out like I said I not on the make here.

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