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Actions with words speak louder than thoughts

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I never get proverbs or idioms, I'm more of 'the cat sat on the mat' so that is what happened sort of gal - literal I suppose. Often, I have to google the meaning of common phrases other people use but a permutation of 'action speaks louder than words' came into my mind when thinking about my 'I've been thinking about you' card. Let me explain.

Almost a year ago, I rekindled a friendship with a dear friend, who had a quirky sense of humour and a great eye for design. I had been telling her about my plans for trustwordie and shown her some early design mock-ups which she loved. She said the 'I've been thinking about you' one perfectly summed up what had happened to our friendship. We both nodded and had a little hug. Unfortunately, that was one of our last chats as she is no longer with us. I had planned on posting the card to her but I'm glad she got to see it anyway. 

So action with words trumps thoughts. How often do we say, gosh I must visit or write to somebody, or think about calling when it's way too late to pick up the phone? We all think about reaching out but please do send a card, not just a trustwordie card but any card or postcard or letter, to a friend or relative and say what's on your mind. With life being so unpredictable, we just don't know what's around the bend. So that's pretty much my trustwordie story about the 'I've been thinking about you' card which I wish I didn't have to tell you. 

I've talked about inviting readers to share the impact one of these cards has had and I'll publish it, removing any identifiers if you so wish. Please email me as I'd love to hear it.

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  • Paula on

    This is lovely Joy, she was so happy to have rekindled your friendship. I think she knew that this card was for her! X

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