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No, I will not be enabling print trolls


I have a rather nasty sense of humour and say the most awful things, usually for the shock effect but I don't really mean them. So when I tell people I know about these trustwordie cards, this is a typical conversation:

Everyone: 'Oh, are you going to write really mean, nasty cards? That would be so funny.' 

Me: 'Eh no, they're going to be random words of kindness to help people connect in the real world.'

Everyone: 'You're joking, right?'

Me: 'Eh no, there are enough horrible people online trolling people on social without enabling them to bully and harass people directly to their home addresses. What's with all this meanness anyway?'

Down with that sort of thing! I was educated, not quite, by the nuns in a typical Irish convent school. Their hugely sexist agenda included lessons on decorum such as 'girls should be seen and not heard' - that didn't really work for me. As I get older, some of their lessons have stuck with me:

'If you've nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.'

Ironically, a platitude they didn't adhere to themselves. Anyhu, I am not suggesting that the women of the world turn into Stepford wives and just nod in agreement only to open their mouths to spit out compliments, I think we could all benefit from withholding non-constructive negative feedback. So I will not be developing a range of put-downs or put-you-in-your-place sonny boy cards that can be used to take the verbal abuse offline into the real world.

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  • Paulo Reilly on

    Great Idea Joy And Lovely To See You living Up To Name . Sending Loadsa Positives Your Way . I Think You’ve Found your Niche.

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