Everyone has a trustwordie story, what's yours?

trustwordie stories

I like to think of these trustwordie cards as more than greetings cards but as the opening move in a long and lovely conversation.

In the 'How about a birthday presence card', I told you how family fun days and quality time with loved ones meant so much more than any present I ever received. The 'Actions with words speak louder than thoughts' blog post was all about the importance of saying what's on your mind before it's too late. In a way, they are my trustwordie stories about what these greeting cards mean to me. 

I hope you get to create your own trustwordie stories after you've sent some of these cards. I'd love to hear about the impact trustwordie has had on any of your relationships. I'd say our readers would love to hear about it too so I'll gladly share it on the blog. Please email me your trustwordie story, removing any identifiers if you so wish. I look forward to hearing for you. 

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