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Ta-Da: introducing lots of new trustwordie cards

I've been neglecting my duties as a wannabe greeting card magnate. I went to ground after Valentine's day because I bored myself so much with my own marketing that I can't imagine how tiresome it was for you. Don't worry, I haven't been lying around in idle contemplation [all the time]. Since then, I've finished a course and built a new website on Art Writing; one of my plays got longlisted for an award and shortlisted for a festival but didn't make the cut; I attended a summer school in Northern Ireland; I swam like a maniac for four months competing in open water races all along the East coast and I said farewell to my eldest son who moved to study in Spain. The summer is over, the youngling is back in school so I've run right out of excuses. So, I'm delighted to unveil the newest additions to my trustwordie cards and collections. Here goes.

Birthdays got themselves a collection

I got great feedback and compliments about our Birthday Presence card but I've been told you wanted a few more options because sometimes you actually buy presents for people so there's 3 more for you here

Health & Wellness Collection

We all know our health is our wealth so I've designed three very important cards to match this sentiment. My Get Well card doesn't tell people to rush their recovery, my Get Wellness card tells people that recovery is possible — a really important point that often gets missed in relation to mental health — and finally and regrettably the 'Here for you' card for people who unfortunately are not going to get better. These cards mean a lot to me and I will write separate posts about them very soon. 

A Collection to mark those Big Life Events needed 

Birth, Death, Marriages (x 3) and even moving house all got the trustwordie treatment in this big life events collection available here.

Random Sentiments Collection

Many of the trustwordie originals [Thank you, I forgot, You're on my mind, Pet condolences] are now in the random sentiments collection but I've added two more. A card for friends going through a divorce or separation because it's a terribly difficult time and merits a pick-me-up in the post. On a happier note, I've added a 'Well Done' card to show your pride in your loved one's achievements.


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