No more bitter batter


The fine people of Stoneybatter can now relax in the knowledge that our range of quirky, wordy, thinking person's greeting cards are available locally. Yes, that's right, trustwordies are retailing in Moo Market, a little jewel of a shop on the Main Street.

It's another sweet little story, owner Aisling saw us on Facebook and got in touch. I called around the day after Culture Night, a little bit worse for wear after acting the maggot with my sister, to show her our wares and they've been put out on the shelf today. Hopefully, they won't be left on the shelf for too long, it's lonely up there.😜😜😜😜. Aisling launched another range of Irish made greeting cards, Under the Willow Paper Co., there today with us and we want to wish them the best of luck too. 

PS, bitter batter was a nickname for Stoneybatter back in the day before it got cool and regentrified - it got the name because it was full of out of work actors that were not so jolly. Now, the rest of us are bitter because we didn't buy there!

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