Are you a 'Céad míle fáilte' or 'Thanks a million'?


Ireland is known around the world for the "Céad míle fáilte" which means a hundred thousand welcomes. The poor thanks a million never gets a look in but the average Irish person says this phrase at least three times per day, well I do.

Now I'm not talking about your multimillionaire life coach type, you know who I'm talking about, delighted with how his life has turned out so says thank you to the mirror every day.

No, I'm talking about thanking an actual individual because they've helped you, listened to you, remembered you - something that showed they were thinking about you and only you when they did it. 

It's a bit like smiling at strangers, they usually smile back. When we say thank you, we realise how thankful we are for their friendship and support. Of course, it would so much more special if you were to buy this thank you card and send in the post - then they'd surely see how grateful you were. Thanks for reading this! 

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