Maybe Bah Humbug is the best thing to say

My Bah Humbug card is controversial, to say the least. Everyone reaches for it then there's a pregnant pause followed by some finger twitching and recoiling when they read 'Well that year can just fuck right off!'

I know it is a little bit rude but you know what, sometimes we have years like that. Sometimes the love of our life leaves us, our friends decide we're no longer cool and drop us, the company we worked in hits the wall, we get gazumped, our best friend moves country, our marriage breaks up, our new venture fails... shit happens. 

So, when our loved ones have had a tough year, it can be a real kick in the teeth to send a jolly holly greeting card. 

In those circumstances, it's important to tell that year 'to just fuck right off!' and good riddance to all that guff. Call it like it is and make way for the good that is yet to come!

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