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Donating to charity, saving the world and other reasons for not sending Christmas cards

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We all have that friend, relative or sibling that never sends a card. 

I used to try and operate a '3 strikes and you're off' my card list before I designed this card.  You see I literally cannot stoop to their level and have to wish them a Happy Christmas. I'll be sending this card to three of my five siblings and while not naming names, my sister Eve and only brother will not be receiving this particular card in recognition of their relentless adherence to Christmas spirit even though December is their busiest month of the year.

Newstalk Lunchtime Live 

Ciara Kelly was talking all about Christmas cards yesterday on her lunchtime national radio show —whether Christmas cards were a thing of the past — and lots of people were texting and phoning in giving their tuppence worth. I tweeted her a pic of this card telling her my '3 strikes and you're off' my card and she read it out saying it was very funny. It got a good few likes and comments. Here are some of my responses to those tweets.

Excuses for not sending Christmas cards

    1. I'm making a charity donation instead. That old chestnut! I did this one year and it felt so unChristmassy, I just couldn't do it again. The following year, I had a cold hard look at my list and realised you know what, I can do both, I don't send thousands or even a hundred cards so I can still send cards and make a donation of the same value. 
    2. I'm saving the Environment. All my paperware is recycled and from sustainable sources. My sleeves are plastic alternatives and are 100% biodegradable. People often forget about the environmental impact of energy consumption when communicating online 24/7, recharging etc. We can all be costing the environment in not so obvious ways - maybe don't put on the dishwasher every day and consider carpooling too.
    3. Leave People alone. A rather humourless contributor suggested I shouldn't be sending cards only to get cards back. I didn't reply because I operate a policy of not engaging with people online who do not disclose their identity. If I had replied, I would have told him/her/them that they lacked a sense of humour and my cards, and this one, in particular, was designed to amuse, not upset, the recipient.

Just send a few cards 

Most people tend to send text-based greetings these days. It's not the same. Taking the time to buy a stamp, card, write it, dig out an address and pop it all in the post takes time and shows that you think that person is worth that time. You don't have to buy trustwordie cards, make your own or buy charity ones but take the time to show you care. Pick up the phone and actually chat if that all sounds like too much trouble. 

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