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Christmas is not all jolly holly for those grieving

grief holidays

The first Christmas without a loved one is especially tough. When I was 23, we had our first Christmas without our mother who had died the month before. I'm sure we put up the decorations, we definitely cooked a meal and carried on all the traditions but I remember a numbness hanging in the air.  I have vivid memories of counting the heads around the dinner table because I was sure about 10 people were missing but it was just one big void. Then last year, it was our first Christmas without our father who had died rather suddenly a few months before. In line with Irish tradition, I didn't send cards last year but did receive some which were either austere pastoral scenes — a lake or habour— or regular holiday cards that didn't mention my loss, some didn't know, others had forgotten that small detail. Anyway, I produced this Christmas Grief card that recognises that our grief during the holidays can be particularly acute.  

I've received some lovely feedback from people and I'm quite surprised how well it's selling. This message was from someone who received the Christmas grief card from a trustwordie customer. 

Oh wow, I'm blown away by your beautiful thoughtful card. A special message from a VERY special friend. Thanks so much! The same beautiful sentiment to you too, it'll be lonely but I'm sure will be full of happy memories too. Wishing all of you a lovely Christmas and look forward to catching up in Jan 2019. 🎄xxx

A tough holiday season ahead, glad we could ease the pain in some way xx

On a lighter note, a Brazilian colleague wanted to buy this card for her husband because it will be their first Christmas apart since they've met because she's going home to Brazil for the holidays. She couldn't believe that I refused to sell her the card so I had to recruit some more colleagues to back me up and explain our weird little superstitions about death.  

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