Why is Baby always sitting in the corner waiting to be told she's loved?

At trustwordie, we do not presume that heterosexual love is the only romance out there nor do we think that girls should sit at home waiting for Mr. Man to woo her with flowers. 

So in keeping with the series of romantic movie clips I've been posting all week, and in the interests of equality, I've been searching for scenes where the woman declares her love and they are few and far between let me tell you. 

I did manage to find 2:

Notting Hill and 10 Things I Hate About You so I've embedded the scenes below. I might add that in both of these scenes, the woman appears to be rejected. What's so fair about that!

Julia Roberts gets rejected by Hugh Grant 

Julia Stiles declaring her broken heart to Heath Ledger, RIP

Don't mind those one-sided movies, where the damsel in distress is waiting for the Mr. Perfect to declare his hand and save the day. I'm calling on the Mná na hÉireann [women of Ireland] and indeed worldwide to cast away those ancient gender stereotypes by sending any of these Valentine's Cards

Photo by Sarah Jane from Pexels

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