Postal delays because "it's busier than Christmas"

I pride myself on turning around orders and popping then in the post within 24 hours. To reduce shipping costs, I use An Post standard post which is generally excellent. I often get emails from happy customers amazed to receive their orders the following day. 

However, some customers are experiencing longer than average delays to receive national post i.e. up to five working days. My postman tells me that since the COVID_19 restrictions, it is busier than Christmas as people have switched to written communication. I hope your wait isn't too long. I am still getting those wow it arrived next day mails too so it must depend on where you are or the amount of demand that week. 

Update from An Post

If you have not received your standard post within five working days from the date of posting, or 15 days in the case of international post, we suggest you use our contact form or pick up enquiry form at your local post office or delivery office.

Please get in touch if you have not received your delivery within Ireland after five working days.

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