Like I don't like, Like


In Ireland, particularly in Wexford where I live, we say 'like' a lot, an awful lot. 'You know, Like', 'I don't think so, Like', 'I don't like it. Like', you get the gist, Like. In fact, Joseph O'Connor, a famous Irish writer (and brother to singer Sinead) wrote a really good radio diary called 'Like, Like' that captures this linguistic quirk. 

On social media, we like even more. I too have double tapped more than I care to count but I've learnt my lesson. I once speed-liked a beautiful photo taken by a casual acquaintance. It was a lovely shot of the water/harbour at night taken from the bridge. His picture was far nicer than my shot here taken from the bridge near Kilkenny Castle the morning after a late night on the town. I liked his pic, double tap. A few days later, a mutual friend mentioned his pic with quite a serious tone. If I had bothered to read his comment around the pic, I might have seen that this pic was a call for help because he had mentioned jumping. I missed that, just going for the superficial visual layer, not seeing the depth below. One must be careful what one likes, Like.

You can listen to 'Like, Like' by Joseph O'Connor here.

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