FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
FREE shipping when you spend €20 worldwide. 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards.
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Ho Feckin Ho the trustwordie Xmas and New Year collection is live

A bit early to be talking about Christmas especially since I haven't taken down the Halloween decorations but apparently people like to buy stuff in advance, unlike me. Anyways, I'm delighted to unveil my seasonal darlings and if your circle of friends is anything like mine, you will think of someone different for each one. So here goes:

  • Some people have had a bad year either through bereavement or just plain old hard times then Bah Humbug and Oh Oh Oh are the cards for them. 
  • Some people can't stand the holiday season so I'd recommend the Christmas Curmudgeon or Ho Feckin Ho
  • Holiday Madness is for the person who gives out about all the parties and excess but partakes wholeheartedly and sure it's an excuse to reconnect.
  • I could send the Won't Stoop Christmas card to three of my sisters and many of my closest friends. Yeah yeah, the people that never send you a card and every year you think, looking at that list, that you won't send them one but you're just unable to not wish them well. 
  • Then last but not least is the Happy New Year card for anyone like me that seems to be making a list of the same resolutions every year. Ah so what, we're happy!

Pricing - single cards

Cards are €2.50 each or enjoy a 20% discount when you buy 5 or more single cards. Simply enter 20PERCENTOFF at the checkout and the discount will be applied, don't worry you'll be reminded at checkout. 

Pricing - multipacks

5 of the same cards are €10 

All 7 cards are €14

Basically, they cost €2 each if you buy 5 or more cards no matter what combination of cards you choose.  Happy Shopping right here!

Ho feckin ho indeed.



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